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Αννόβερο, Απρίλιος 2021

Αθήνα, 28 Ιουλίου, 2021. Στις 8 Οκτωβρίου 2021, η Continental θα γιορτάσει τα 150α γενέθλιά της. Από την ίδρυσή της στο Ανόβερο της Γερμανίας το 1871, η Continental αναπτύσσει πρωτοποριακές τεχνολογίες και υπηρεσίες για βιώσιμη και διασυνδεδεμένη αυτοκίνηση ανθρώπων και αγαθών. Αυτή τη στιγμή, η Continental λειτουργεί σε 58 χώρες και αγορές και είναι ο πιο παλιός ανεξάρτητος και ένας από τους πιο μεγάλους κατασκευαστές ελαστικών στον κόσμο. Τα τελευταία 150 χρόνια, με το καινοτόμο πνεύμα και δύναμή της, έχει θέσει υψηλά πρότυπα στη βιομηχανία των ελαστικών. Στο παρελθόν, οι μηχανικοί της Continental, με τις πρωτοποριακές τους εφευρέσεις, δημιούργησαν ελαστικά πιο ασφαλή πιο αποδοτικά και πιο βιώσιμα.

Semperit Speed-Life 3

Speed-Life 3

Tire developers have incorporated the latest findings from research into the tread and compound of the Semperit Speed-Life 3. Its deep longitudinal grooves, capable of rapidly absorbing and draining water, provide a high level of safety on wet roads while the high number of sipes offer additional gripping edges for greater grip and shorter braking distances in such conditions too. Tread blocks with a new geometry in the three central ribs accelerate water removal and additionally increase steering precision. When driving on dry roads, narrow drainage grooves prevent the tread blocks from deforming, thereby enhancing steering response. The closed outer shoulder provides greater grip when cornering and greater driving stability. With the small, transverse sipes, the Semperit engineers have reduced friction build-up, thereby enabling a longer service life.


Another new addition is the “Semperit Care Technology”, which essentially provides the vehicle owner with two valuable items of information. The SPI (Semperit Performance Indicator) indicates the safe tread depth. The “Dry + / Wet +” logotype is visible on a small longitudinal section in the outer tread grooves. If the tread depth drops below three millimeters, the message changes to “Dry + / Wet -”, and on reaching the legal minimum tread depth, “Dry - / Wet -”. This allows drivers to see the tread depth quickly, which illustrates the safety level of their tires.

The camber angle information, indicated by the SAI (Semperit Alignment Indicator), is another helpful feature, consisting of a letter “V” on opposite sides of the outer tread blocks. If the camber angle is set incorrectly, these markings will be worn to different degrees, so if the camber angle is wrong, the driver will see this and can have it corrected at an auto repair shop.

In the latest summer tires check by ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS, the Speed-Life 3 from Semperit achieved impressive scores across the board. In the 205/55 R16 V size for compact and lower mid-size class vehicles, the editors at ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS awarded an overall rating of “good” and “highly recommended”. The experts conducting the summer tire test at AUTO BILD (again for size 205/55 R16, issue 10/2021) also praised the Speed-Life 3 from Semperit. The test editors reached the following conclusion: “A wet road specialist with sporty dynamic handling and short wet braking distances, good aquaplaning safety, low rolling noise and a good price level.” In the overall ranking, its quality was assessed as “exemplary”.

Semperit AllSeason-Grip


The AllSeason-Grip directional-tire has been developed to meet high safety requirements during warm and cold seasons. On dry roads, its stable block geometry with the connected V-shaped shoulder blocks and block band in the middle of the tire ensure short braking distances, stable cornering and high steering precision. On snow-covered roads, the V-shaped tread grooves developed for optimal grip offer secure roadholding; the large number of sipes in the middle of the tire also increase the number of gripping edges. Another advantage of the V-shaped tread is its faster draining of water and snow slush from the tread contact area. The sipes and tread blocks offer increased stability when driving in the rain, since they penetrate the water film to provide additional grip.
In addition to the wear indicators (marked “TWI” on the sidewall), what are known as winter indicators indicate the four-millimeter tread depth prescribed for Austria via a snowflake in the tread grooves. Legal requirements in the Alpine republic stipulate no winter tires with a tread depth below this value may be used on roads in winter.

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