Speed-Life 3 :"Υψηλή προτίμηση"

Αννόβερο, Μάρτιος2021

Semperit Speed-Life 3

Hanover, 12 March 2021. In the current summer tire test by the German Automobile Club (ADAC), the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC) and the Touring Club Suisse (TCS), the Speed-Life 3 from Semperit convinced across the board. In the dimension 205/55 R16 V for compact vehicles and those in the lower middle class, the editorial teams of ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS awarded the overall rating "good" or "highly recommended". In summary, the test pilots of the automobile clubs judged: "The Semperit Speed-Life 3 is very well balanced. It convinces on dry roads with good precision and short braking distances. Even at high tire temperatures, the performance decreases only slightly." Due to these characteristics, the tire of the traditional Austrian brand is rated "highly recommendable" by the ÖAMTC with an overall grade of 2.2. The Semperit Speed-Life 3 was newly launched last year and thus immediately established itself as the top performer in its price segment.


The ÖAMTC gives the tire of the traditional Austrian brand, which was launched last year, the "top grade in wet conditions and wear".


In the summer tire test of the biggest German car magazine AUTOBILD (also in the dimension 205/55 R16) there was also a lot of praise for the Speed-Life 3 from Semperit. The test editors summarized: "Wet specialist with sporty dynamic handling and short wet braking distances, good aquaplaning safety, quiet rolling noise, good price level". The overall quality rating was "exemplary".

With the Speed-Life 3, Semperit replaced both the proven Comfort-Life 2 and the Speed-Live 2 last year and now combines the best features from both product lines in the new summer tire. During development, the engineers focused on optimized handling and wet braking values as well as high efficiency through a ten percent improvement in mileage compared to the Speed-Life 2. An essential technical feature of Speed-Life 3 is the mileage-oriented silica compound. In addition to a secure grip, it enables a long durability of the tire even in extreme driving situations. This is complemented by a stable outer shoulder for high steering precision and safe cornering. The increased wet grip results from improved water distribution due to the special geometry in the center of the tread. The market coverage for standard summer tires is 88 percent. The speed ratings range up to 300 km/h.

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